Kanthal Coil Wheel Packs (Pre-made)

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48 pcs of pre-built kanthal coils.



A wide assortment of Kanthal pre-built coils in a handy case. 48 coils total

6 pcs 0.85 ohm Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Mix Twisted Coils
6 pcs 0.50 ohm Hive Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Quad Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Flat Twisted Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Alien Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Fused Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Tiger Coils

Additional information

Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 17.78 × 12.7 × 1.27 cm

5 reviews for Kanthal Coil Wheel Packs (Pre-made)

  1. Richie Schneider

    I just bought this pack of premade coils yesterday. I have gone through a couple packs of Mad Rabbit Low resistance wire, and love it, and I also bought a spool of 36gauge nichrome 80 wire, for the purpose of trying my hand at some more complicated coils, but my first attempt at alien wire was not so successful. That’s why I decided to buy this kit, so that I could try out some alien coils before wasting any more wire to try to make it myself.

    The only things that I don’t like about these coils are all really nit picky. For example, I always wrap my coils with my right hand over, but these are the opposite direction. I have only tried one pair of the alien clapton coils so far, and at first I was a little disappointed because the wire didn’t look wavy like I expected it to, but the performance is amazing. Also for the price it’s way better than the other premade coils the shop had. Those cost ten bucks for only a pair of coils, or even 25 for the Doode coils, so getting such a variety was a big plus in my book!

    I love the packaging it came in, too! It is very handy to carry around, and it was very easy to mount the pair of alien coils. It took me one try to figure out that the inside diameter was 3 mm, so I used my coil master rod and installed them on my Geek Vape Tsunami 24 RDA, and they installed so easily into the velocity style deck. A couple pulses and a little fiddling and they were glowing evenly from the inside out.

    Mad Rabbit is definitely my favorite brand of wire so far. I have only tried a few brands so far, and haven’t tried any Twisted Messes or Immolation or Anarchist, but I like Mad Rabbit way more than UD and Vapowire.

  2. Nate W.

    I’m a fairly new builder. I have been building for about 5 months and vaping for only around 7. I love to make my own coils as I’m more of the type of person who likes to tinker. I saw this product at a local shop I go to and saw the variety of builds and decided to try them seeing as I mainly build claptons right now 28 gauge/32 wrap. I have triodes a few of the builds and they are great quality. Personally I like the tiger coils for the sweeter juices really brings out the flavors of fruit in juices. The aliens are great for all around flavor. All in all great pack good quality coils and affordable. Great for the new builder like myself

  3. Keith

    Awesome selection and very nice coils.. very happy with this product

  4. Matt Johnson

    Bought at my local vape shop and whoa! Flavor is on point with these coils! The tiger is my favorite so far but have only tried the alien and fused Clapton! I’m using in the troll 22 v2. The tiger just stretches a little and makes for a nice spaced coil on the velocity deck. The great thing about that is they instantly glow evenly from the inside out! Making your own coils is over rated especially at this price point! Great job guys!!!

  5. adyingpenguin (verified owner)

    Flavor is so damn good on these hives and tiger, I may have found my new go to coils. Great job on these, guys!

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